This month I have continued with my theme of recycling different materials to crochet and knit with.  Regular readers of my blog will know I have turned plastic bags into Yarn : Plarn and T Shirts into Yarn : Tarn and am now on tights (which according to the U.S is Hose into Yarn : Harn!) 
Well whatever it is called here in the U.K, basically if you ladder your tights or stockings, fret not, just cut them into strips pull them out in a stretching action so they get a rolled effect and then you can create any item you want with them!
I am currently making a small bag from different layers of brown coloured tights from light to dark and I find it crochets really smoothly because of the stretchy nature, but also comes up surprisingly thick and substantial looking. I am hoping to finish it and show the W.I Ladies at my next talk this week.
P.S I am grateful to the lovely lady from the Sea Palling W.I who gave me the idea a few months back. Try it yourself if you get a mo !