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Who said banking has to be boring?

Posted by Julie Porter on Wednesday, April 18, 2012,
Well I have found myself on a purge with bank books/cheque book holders so just made some with lovely bright colours and vintage material/buttons-makes a trip to the bank a little more exciting for us all!
 My niece suggested that passport holders may be good too so I think I will venture into that at some point. 
 My ties have yet to be added to anything, but ah the life of a creative person: how fickle we can be with half created projects left neglected.  But fear not vintage ties.  I always ...

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label blurbs

Posted by Julie Porter on Wednesday, April 4, 2012,
Having spent an enjoyable day yesterday drinking hot chocolate with Miss B (unexpected meeting) and sitting on benches in the Norwich sunshine today its down to business! I am completing my "label blurbs"...I will explain:
   When I make a bag I provide a label with it that indicates where all the items were resourced from.  Pair of curtains, bed sheets, belts and so forth and I also mention the people who have been helping me by generously donating unwanted items that I can recycle. (Don't fr...
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About Me

I am a keen make do and mender/recycler. I love crocheting too.  I have a "magpie eye" for anything sparkly, vintage or uber-cool!  I love live music, cups of tea ( I am so English!), and a cracking novel to read.