Continuing on from last months blog I have completed three new evening bags and whilst still in glamour mode I considered the prospect of transforming a bra for evening bag wear.  Having purchased a small bra that did not fit (and it was too late to return the item) I wanted to upcycle it.  It was a black lacy little number and I found by twisting it so the cups could fit together and stitching the top so that it became the base voila! my bra coin purse was born! The underwiring of the bottom of the bra is ideal as a firm top and I added a small press stud to it for closure.  The lace strap I made into a handle so everything was used really.  The only difficulty was the shape as it is slightly distorted.  Therefore on my second attempt with a bigger bra I cut off some of the top and made this into a flat base to enhance the shape. I also got a much better bag size this time too. Great fun and while I appreciate this concept may be too garish for some, they do look surprisingly modest when completed. I look forward to tweaking these idea's some more.