In the post Christmas quiet time I have been thinking about the last few special days plus the run up to the big day and I have realised the reason why I love Christmas so much:
There are so many little ways for me to be creative.  From the making of the Christmas wreath to wrapping the presents and beyond. I get to "faff about" with all the things I love ; glitter, paper, ribbon,holly...ok well maybe not holly because I do put some in the wreath, but as I am allergic to it I have to limit my time with it, but that's another tale.
I have enjoyed decorating the Christmas Tree, putting up the lights and hand made items, wrapping the presents, writing the cards, making the wreath and Christmas table decoration, setting the table for Christmas lunch, napkin folding, candle making and lighting....I could go on and on.  While these are not especially major or unusual projects they are all part of my Christmas that I enjoy doing every year and probably why by the time Christmas comes I am chilled.
Now if I couldn't do these things I may be the most stressed out bunny boiler going ! So when you look at it like that its not only theraputic ....its absolutely vital to my sanity and that of those around me!
Of course I realise this is not just what Christmas is all about, but being able to express myself creatively and personalise my Christmas is fulfilling for me, and if any of that rubs off on those around me then so much the better.
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and my next blog will be in the New Year.