I have just completed a knitted capelet.  Now I am not the strongest knitter, but this pattern was just enough of a challenge to keep me interested, but not so difficult that I gave up on it. I am proud to say that I followed the pattern exactly too (a first for me!). Here it is:

 However, it wasn't all plain sailing. I did find that I was getting tension in my shoulders from intense knitting,but still wanted to complete the project. The solution?  I decided to knit four rows a day, every day...thus completing the project but without the pain! Once I got going I really enjoyed the concept of four rows a day.  In our busy lives where some things we never seem to get time for (in my case especially when I am making something for myself ) this was perfect.  Once I finished it I actually missed the process.  So now I have started my first ever attempt at Cable knitting and as its only a small swatch at the stage I am doing eight rows a day!! 
Want to make something but don't have much time or keep procrastinating? You can adapt this idea to anything ...from something you want to make or starting a new health regime to doing more things for yourself i.e start small but commit to it every day Try it ...this could work for you.