This month I have been hunting everywhere for a jumper with a fox motif on it, only to discover they were sold out at all the places I tried.  Therefore, I thought I would have a go at making my own.  Potentially this should have been quite easy as I already had a brown polo necked jumper and some orange drill material.  My plan was to use buttons as the eyes and nose and voila-job done.  However, when I sewed on the motif I used the machine (for apparent quickness) and didn't take into account the different textures I was stitching together.  The thicker drill material slipped on the wool jumper thus one very wonky (and not in a good way) fox!  Unpicking it in anger led to several gaping holes in said jumper :boo hoo.
Still the good thing was, to do a take two version I had to darn the holes. Yes you read that right DARN.  I have to say it is my first attempt at this and I thought it was going to be a tedious task, but I actually quite enjoyed it.  By the end of it I was so into the cross-hatching of the stitches I was sad there were no more holes to fill.  Who would have thought it?
 Anyone got any socks that need doing?????