For the last couple of weeks I have been working on a bag composed of zips.  It has taken me a while to acquire donations of different colours so this is a project I have had to wait for.  Now that I finally had a selection to use I began by stitching them together.  At first I simply used straight stitch, but promptly unpicked it as it looked quite plain.  Using zig-zag stitch created a better effect I found.  After stitching together fifteen zips facing alternate ways I then proceeded to put a long zip at the top and bottom edge to give it a finish.The handle will be two long zips sewn together.  Now all I have to do is create the backing and the lining and it is finished.   I cannot help but feel though that it is not as good as I had envisaged.  Still, perhaps a "moment of magic" will come at the end.  Time will tell folks.