Having spent an enjoyable day yesterday drinking hot chocolate with Miss B (unexpected meeting) and sitting on benches in the Norwich sunshine today its down to business! I am completing my "label blurbs"...I will explain:
   When I make a bag I provide a label with it that indicates where all the items were resourced from.  Pair of curtains, bed sheets, belts and so forth and I also mention the people who have been helping me by generously donating unwanted items that I can recycle. (Don't fret its initials only).  Well it seems I have got a bit behind on these so am just catching up ready for the big Easter Craft Fair at Stokesby this Sat (10-4p.m). 
  I am also a quarter way through a project using gentlemen's ties.  I have taken the tips of the ties and sewn them all together.  Originally I was going to make a bank book holder, but they look so nice that I think I will have to encorporate them into a bag but unsure what style yet  ....
until next time