It seems appropriate as today is the 29th February and a Leap Year (or Leap Day as it says on my calendar) to talk about this event.  Today we are being given, for free, no questions asked an extra day.  How often would we love to have an extra day?
  • When  we have a project to finish and that deadline looming in front of us and with an extra day we could complete it easily
  • When we are on holiday having a fabulous time and wish we had one more day to savour every last detail before we have to return to work
  • When we feel ugh and just want a duvet day with no reason required or repercussions involved
And then there are the special occasions:
  • When your wedding day/graduation/turning18 or 21 or any milestone birthday/going to a a gig of your favourite band goes so fast that an extra day means you could slow it all down and cram in more fun!
  • when we lose our loved ones and we wish for one day back in their unique company
  • when we have a favourite time in our life or a favourite year and we could revisit that for a day
So today you have many options.  You can spend it as if it is just any old ordinary day and the next one after 28th or you can take a leap.  Do something you have never done before or something you have been promising yourself you would do and didn't get around to. Visit friends or loved ones you don't get to see very often. Go on a day trip somewhere new. Smile all the way through all the things that really annoy you.  Look at the trees or the wonder of nature.  Have a complete rest and do nothing but without the guilt.
However you choose to spend it, savour every minute- afterall it is only once every four years!