This month I have been learning some new skills that will definitely benefit me in the future.
Firstly I have had to hem a dress so I have refreshed my knowledge on how to do a regular hem, learned how to hem a circle skirt, and how to use the blind hem stitch on my sewing machine for the first time.  
At the Craft Club at the Acle Library I learned how to cast on "the Spanish way" with help from my new friend Maria.
You hold the knitting needle under your armpit, loop one side of the wool then the other, pull and that's it:job done. They have longer knitting needles in Spain too (similar to a Tunisian Crochet needle) for this very purpose. I certainly found it a lot easier than the traditional U.K way. It makes a neater edge and saves time with going 'in the back of the stitches' too.  As a fairly basic knitter I am all for anything that makes life easier and gets better results. Maybe next month I will ask her how to knit that way too!! 
Also, next month I am hoping to continue with this theme as I want to take a day course in some dressmaking skills....I will keep you informed how it goes....