As part of Commit-to-Knit month in June (including Worldwide Knit in Public Day) I have been attempting a Log Cabin Blanket. For the uninitiated (of which I was one until recently!) it is a blanket where instead of knitting squares and then piecing them altogether you knit it all as you go along.
Therefore, you start with a square, turn the work to the right and pick up the stitches from that side and begin again in a different colour.  Then repeat, turning the work every 20 rows.  Its a great way to use up wool scraps too.  The completed effect has a log cabin look as used in quilting and patchwork.
 During my first few "logs" I found it quite difficult picking up the stitches effectively, but with practice this improved.  The pattern was garter stitch so I also found that I could talk and watch TV while knitting, as normally I can't do this.  So I have also enjoyed taking this to my craft group meetings too.  I am now about to finish it and it will be sent off for charity.  Other ladies from the Acle Library Craft Club also made baby hats and jackets and blankets too.
Mind you, though I have enjoyed it I will now be glad to get back to some sewing especially as  the warmer weather approaches it may be a bit hot for knitting blankets!!