Happy New Year and Yes folks I know the saying is meant to be "unlucky for some 13" but I have decided I want to start the year on a positive note of course so I am turning that saying on it's head and I hope its gonna be lucky for me and you.  
So first off I have got two pouch bags commissioned to make which is a good start to the year and two talks booked as well! I have been updating my bag identity labels today and once I have bought some new tags I can get the glitter and embossing powder out again to produce the Bags 2 Love logo on them : yay.  Its a long process to do one tag so I normally do a batch then I really get into it.  I am also mulling over ideas of where I want to go with Bags 2 Love this year and new things I want to try out.  On top of all that I must make some new stock now the Christmas rush is over.  So a lot to be getting on with ....... Ta Ta