Whilst at the Acle Craft Club this month we were all talking about the significance we give to material and how it links with our memories.  One lady is a patchworker and admitted she never throws any scrap away as she will use it at some point. Whenever we look at an old photo the first thing we notice is invariably the clothes, "oh I remember that jacket " or "how I loved that skirt"  we reminisce.  This is because our connection to cloth is strong.  Back in the day quilts were made with scraps from not only their current life and childhood but probably their parents and grandparents childhood too, so every piece was a memory in itself.  I realise this is why I love recycled material so much it is the story it tells, the traditions it has followed, and the daily events it has lived through along side us mortals. Even if we do not make do and mend as much as we used to we are still very aware of textiles and the effect they have on our lives. If we could only allow it to continue its journey with us by adapting/re-inventing and refashioning the fabric it would still have a strong purpose.