Hello all ...Missed me? Yes I know, I haven't blogged for a while.  Now I could give you some old eyewash about, "I've been busy" or "I've travelled the world" or "I've just been snapped up as Vivienne Westwood's new assistant, but you would see right through all of that so its time to confess - I've had bloggers block.  Not an actual identified disease, but real enough.  I haven't been inspired to write, haven't known what to write and all attempts to write have failed...miserably.  It happens to us bloggers from time to time.  Let me know if it has happened to you?
Anyway, enough of that I am back now with some good news I have just completed a wrap around skirt from a fully fledged pattern.  This is what it looked like when I bought it from a car boot sale for 10p  I first started it about a year ago and got stuck on how to complete the waistband and finishings, so a few cut out pieces lay sadly on my floor until I enlisted the help of my 'phone a friend' in the sewing world, Kate Pannett.  Find her at www.sewingatdamgate.wordpress.com/sewing-workshops/
After 3 hours and Kate's diligent help I completed the skirt and I am really thrilled with it.  It fits me perfectly and I can't wait for some hot summer days to wear it.  Want to know what it looks like? Here it is:
Now I have entered the exciting world of patterns who know where I will go to next! Thanks for reading and I promise I will be back with my blog more regularly now.