Everyone around seems intent on bringing out the use of colour in a negative sense, whereas colour can be a magnificent thing.  
The phrase "January Blues" has been around for years, while for me I feel that January is a great month for:

  • Newness: It is the very first 31 days of THIS year that lays out in front of us, and will never return exactly like it is now ever again. 
  • Fresh starts: if you want to try something new this year now is the time to begin making plans and putting early steps into action.
  • Clarity and cleaning up your act a bit: remembering what worked and what didn't work last year that can now be expanded/improved upon.
  • Time to do it: not a lot happens in January (especially in a retail sense for B2L) so you actually DO have the time to lay your cards out on the table and study them.

And don't get me started on the media using Black Friday and Blue Monday.... where is the positivity People?
Lets have roaring red, optimistic orange, spring yellow, gorgeous green leading into Mauve Monday, Turquoise Tuesday, Wonderfully Warm Wednesday (you get the idea...)

and finally, if it was up to me,  pure inspirational WHITE JANUARY