Anyone who works will have a tale to tell about the negative side of their job and how it impacts on their body, with all manner of ailments from chronic backache to R.S.I (Repetitive Strain Injury).  Now while I am not making fun of these serious conditions, this blog is for anyone who works in the creative industry  who will have a  story to tell of all manner of silly occupational hazards you can acquire.
For example last week while crocheting with a size 15mm crochet hook on a rag rug I am completing, I somehow managed to get C.H.I.F : Crochet Hook In Face.  I swiped it near my eye and luckily avoided my pupil, but smacked it into my temple with a spinning 360 degree action shot. 
The week before that, after enjoying a massive amount of colouring time with my mindfullness colouring book, I developed TES syndrome. Otherwise known as Twitchy Eyelid Syndrome- that really irritating condition where your eyelid keeps twitching every few seconds and you can do nothing about it. As it is virtually unperceptible to others no sympathy is given for this complaint.
 When I have been hand sewing a lot, particularly trying to force a needle through material that is too thick to get onto the machine but needs to be attached, I often suffer from PPS: Pin Prick Skin - a number of small pinprick indentations that last for several days and can be quite sore.
That is without mentioning the neck and shoulder strain obtained from sewing in in the FFPP: Frozen Foot Pedal Postion
I am sure you all have your own tales of woe.  Let me know what they are and we can compare notes!! Its a wonder how we survive such trauma. Boo hoo !
 So to all my creative colleagues I say continue to fight the fight against SWI :Silly Work Injuries!!