I have been having such fun this month making pom poms of all sizes and colours with my new Clover Pom Pom makers that I got from a charity shop in Caister (at a  very cheap price too I add).  I had made them years ago, but found with the card and hole in the centre it is quite a time consuming affair.  These new gadgets are great though, as they are pretty speedy and you can finish one in half the time.  I have also experimented with mixed colours too.  All in all it is a fab way to use up small oddments of your wool stock.  I was ambitious and also tried to do one with bias binding but that was a complete flop as it just fell apart !!
My reasons for making so many pom poms? well twofold really;
 Firstly, I have made my equivalent of the fluffy dice to hang them up in the car  and as an addition to sell on my stall 

Secondly, I yarn bombed the tree in Acle at a Dedication Gathering that we had last Saturday to celebrate my Dad's memorial bench and wanted pom poms to hang from the tree branches (as well as granny squares on the trunk). You can just about see some if you look closely....

So now I am finished but still like making them, so I may continue for a future yarn bombing event as this was my first one, but I think it could become quite addictive!