Normally I always create bags that come from my own imagination, but I have been using a favourite bag of mine that I have had for many years which I bought while on holiday in Amsterdam. It originally came with a matching purse (which I also still use daily) but the bag is now starting to show signs of wear around the zip area. Here it is :

 I have used it so much as it is the ideal size i.e small enough to not be burdensome, but spacious enough to get plenty in without losing its shape.  So I decided to replicate it.  Having worked out the dimensions and the zip feature I set to work.  I had a button panel that I have had for a while which I made at a craft fair - to keep my hands busy! So I consequently added that in for the motif and here is the result:

I wasn't sure if I would be able to capture the same result, but I have been using it solidly for this last month and I love it just as much as its predecessor.