As the autumn begins and a new series of  both Strictly Come Dancing and Downton Abbey has begun I am in the mood for a little bit of sparkle mixed with old fashioned glamour.  Having never attempted evening bags (I have only done one commission for an evening bag from a black velvet skirt) I have been mulling over idea's for the forthcoming season. Materials I have to hand so far are: an italian green shimmery skirt, braiding with delicate droplets originally from an old lampshade, a plethora of green, silver and gold vintage buttons, and some tortoiseshell handles all for evening bag number one!  Evening bag number two is going to be composed of men's silk ties swirled round with velvet ribbon, a satin lining and a button or clasp fitting.  Ah the elegance of it all without further ado I had better get cracking or I will be so busy designing them they won't become a reality.