In view of the charge of 5p per plastic bag in the U.K Supermarkets on Monday of this week I thought I would show you how to make a cloth bag from a T Shirt.  This idea has been on the circuit for quite a while and is not uniquely mine, but I thought it is still worth showing, especially for complete beginners and those with very little sewing ability, therefore something that anyone can do.
  1. Take a regular T shirt and cut off the sleeves just above the seam allowance.
  2. Using a plate lay it around the neck area and cut a fairly low arc (or smile if you prefer!) shape so both sides are even.
  3. Turn the T Shirt inside out and sew a straight line  1" up from the bottom of the T Shirt (or ask a friend with a sewing machine)
  4. It should then look like this:
  5. Tidy up the sleeves and neck area by using pinking shears to a) make a pretty edge and b) cut down on fraying
  6. Turn it inside out and the two shoulder parts/arm holes are where your hands go through to carry the bag:
  7. Voila! Your bag is complete!