Here are the two things I can't be without this month:
  • MY SEWING MUG that has the caption "sew much to do sew little time" inside the rim and an antique sewing machine on the front. It was a treat I bought for myself, and as well as loving the design it is also pretty big so gets a lot of tea inside.  Yep, it has to be tea! I know it will be great for hot choc too  though when winter really sets in and hopefully we will get lots of snow!! 
  • MY SANTA HAT that I made from a pair of jeans and some red/white stripe material given to me by Mrs R.  This is the first time I have made these this year for my stall and I have really enjoyed making them from the pom pom on the end, down to getting the ideal size that fits you.   This is the one I wear while on my stall and I have pinned a little black cat brooch on it so I can identify it is mine, as opposed to one I am selling.  Mind you I have found that as well as being really warm, these hats also mould to your individual head size after a while so probably couldn't get them mixed up.  It also has a little red bell which after initially thinking it would annoy me to begin with, I have since found very relaxing.  I will still be wearing this hat up till Christmas now and think I will be making them each year as they are such fun. (especially the dinky children's ones!)