Package One : Talk

  • Details/Statistics on recycling textiles 
  • Why I started my business and how recycling became my passion
  • A Demonstration on different materials I have used over the time
  • Space for any questions

Duration: One hour.
Number to Attend: Any amount.
Cost: £40 plus 45p per mile for petrol costs

Package Two : Talk and Workshop: Adults

I will provide the following:

  • Talk and Demonstration (as above)
  • My sewing machine, needles threads, and a small range of buttons/lace/embellishments to use 

You will need to provide:

Clothes that can be recycled such as a pair of unwanted jeans/cords/trousers/skirt

A belt made of cotton or fabric (not leather/plastic) OR a ladies/gentleman's tie

A strong pair of scissors

Duration: Two hours.
Number to Attend: Maximum 25 (for practical reasons).
Cost £60.00 plus 45p per mile petrol costs

Package Three : Talk and Workshops: 


       As Package Two but with the following specifications noted:

The school will need to provide scissors and needles 

Children's clothes can be used 

The duration of the workshop is still two hours, however this can be continued with a follow up workshop(s) at the same cost as before

Please note that you provide all advertisements and arrangements for the people attending the above workshops.  
For Talk/Workshop and further information  please contact me see  contact-us.php

Thank You.